JessK (jess_k) wrote in drug_free_zone,

Smokefree Air For Everyone

Before election season came around I was putting alot of time into local smokefree campaigns, and was actively maintaining a cafepress shop dedicated to smokefree themed bumperstickers and other goodies. Now that the election is past, I'm returning my efforts to getting second-hand smoke out of the public square and starting up keeping my shop active again...

I'm posting this mostly for two reasons:

1) I NEED SUGGESTIONS! Any ideas you have for smoke-free bumper stickers are more than welcome!

2) I need funding because the type of shop I need to run this properly costs about $5/month... no I'm not askin you to give me money, what I AM asking for is that if you make your own cafepress shop, use the store ID "antismoking" when it asks you for a reference, and boom, it helps me out a little bit ^_^ It doesn't matter if the store you make is a free shop or a paid shop, if anything is sold through the shop, they send me some money :D More info here

Thanks alot guys :3
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