faeriedeva (faeriedeva) wrote in drug_free_zone,

Sooo stagnant!!!

I've lived in two majorly stagnant places lately with people and just recently
I called the police on a roommate that is really loud and drunk late at night.

All the police said is that if I don't like it I can move out.
I'm on disability, for major depression. Yet the spirit of everywhere I've tried living is the same bullshit societal abuse.

Meanwhile I'm payed up, for the next to weeks and I still don't have a therApist.

When the hell are pagan services going to put out, so I'm not always put out or as the gay scene would have it needing to put out. No, you know it's not their fault (pagan clergy).

It's that I am totally overwhelmed with trying to live back to back with those afflicted with d&a problems...black dudes & most recently white gay guys. I deserve to be comfortable and to have counseling.
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