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drug_free_zone's Journal

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Substance-Free LJ
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We are Substance-Free LJ'ers. We can party with the best of them without the influence of drugs or alcohol. We come from all walks of life, we don't succumb to peer-pressure, and we don't care if we aren't invited to your weekend kegger. We are Substance-Free LJ.

Don't drink? Don't smoke? Don't use drugs? .. Of your own free will? If you're substance-free by choice, and would like to meet others who also are, then this community is for you. Feel free to share your experiences, your heroes, your influences - tell us why you chose to be substance-free.

note: this is NOT an AA group. i don't care to be flooded with recovering alcoholics or ex drug-addicts. been there, done that. if you have a problem with that, create your own community for people struggling with or succeeding with sobriety. thank you!

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